Review of the most popular gambling club

The most popular gaming mobile club mobile roulette games, presents, for lovers of gambling entertainment video slot mobile roulette for playing in the free credits mode.
Most of the regulars of the game halls can say that the machine is obsolete, but it is not. Yes, it has a bit of dust of the past years, graphics and squeaky voice will not be able to compete with the new roulette, a flexible betting system that meets the needs of any Deposit in conjunction with good winnings, always deserve the attention of true fans of gambling entertainment.

A common feature of roulette mobile roulette.

The developer of the game process, the world-famous casino operator, Novomatic company, which recorded a percentage return on player bets in the amount of RTP: 95%. Nine adjustable lines. Scheme of the playing field 5×3 (five slots in three rows). The possibility of doubling the win, at the end of the spin, in an additional game of risk (action is not required). The ability to run the game in automatic mode. Nine games and two special symbols, with an individual value of the bet multiplier. Bet options, per line / total: 1/9,2/16,3/27,4/36, 5/45, 10/90,20/180,30/180,40/360,50/450 and 100/900 credits.

Play free roulette mobile roulette on rouletteplanet online, you can without registration, in real time, without restrictive measures and age restrictions. For playing real casino bets, registration will be required and be making established deposits.

Special symbols, bonus values

Before you make a bet, keep in mind that the higher the bet, the higher the number of the symbol multiplier. For example,
Wild, the image of the Joker and it substitutes for all slot values, create a successful combination of the pay line multiplies payout: the minimum bet 9000 5x, 4x 2500, 3С…250, 2×10. Max bet: 5 * 9 00000,4 x 25 000, 3С…2500,2 1000.
Scatter symbol with the image of a stack of chips falls on all slots, from three to five values give fifteen free spins with a multiplication of the win X3. The multiplier for the scatter at minimum bet: 5h4500,4С…180, 3С…45, 2×18. Maximum bet: 5x 45 0000, 4x 18 000, 3x 4500, 2x 1800.

Slot machine mobile roulette, despite his advanced age, able on the part of the winnings for a great deal, dont miss this unique opportunity to try your luck good luck and become the undisputed mobile roulette.

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